NCS Vanguard Study Participant Recruitment and Eligibility Criteria by Recruitment Strategy

Eligibility Criteria and Steps Implemented for Determining EligibilityIVSARSsPBS
EHBRPBRDOaPrenatal CohortHospital Cohort
Enrollment eligibility criteriaWomen age 18–49, pregnant, likely or trying to become pregnant, resident within sampled segments (except for DO low-intensity participants) in PSUWomen age 18–49, pregnant, and resident in PSU, either seen at the first prenatal visit or seen initially in a hospital about to deliver
Method of identifying women to screenHousehold enumerationHousehold enumerationProvider patient listSelf-identifyPatient list at sampled providersAdmissions list at target hospitals
Step 1: eligibility for screening for recruitmentWomen age 18–49 or pregnant, and reside in sample segmentsWomen age 18–49 or pregnant, and reside in sample segmentsWomen identified through address checkWomen identified through outreachA sample of pregnant women seen at sampled provider locationsA sample of women admitted for delivery
Step 2: eligibility for consent for enrollment (among those who completed screening)Women 18–49 if pregnant or high PPG statusWomen 18–49 if pregnant or triersWomen 18–49 seen on first prenatal visit at provider locationWomen 18–49 who did not receive prenatal care at provider locations on the sample frame
Women >49 if pregnantWomen >49 if pregnant
Women <18 if pregnant in states that grant age of majorityNo pregnant minors
  • PPG, Pregnancy Probability Group.

  • a In addition to sampled segments, DO opened up neighboring segments for women to volunteer to enroll. However, once enrolled, these women would receive low-intensity data collection (via telephone or e-mail only).