Modified Nutritional Risk Screening Tool STRONGkids for Patients With CDH31

Score if Yes
1. Subjective clinical assessment1 point
 Is the patient in a poor nutritional status judged by subjective clinical assessment (diminished subcutaneous fat and/or muscle mass and/or hollow face)?
2. High-risk disease state2 points
 Are one of the following items present?
  ECMO treatment?
  Chronic lung disease?
  Recurrent (pulmonary) infections requiring antibiotics or hospitalization?
  Recent major surgery?
  High-risk CDH judged by clinical assessment of physician?
3. Nutritional intake and losses1 point
 Are one of the following items present?
  Excessive diarrhea (≥5 times per day) and/or vomiting (>3 times per day) the last few days?
  Preexisting dietetically advised nutritional intervention (for example calorie-enriched feeds or tube feeding)?
  Obvious reduced food intake during the last few days?
  Inability to consume adequate intake (for example, because of GERD)?
4. Weight loss or poor weight gain?1 point
 Is there weight loss or no weight gain (infants <1 y) during the last weeks/months?