O/E Ratio of Newborn Enrollees per Year by Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment Strategy
No. of study locations71010103
Expected no. of newborn enrollees per y (250 × no. of study centers)17502400a25002500750
Observed no. of newborn enrollees per yb6179761208964744
Ratio of observed to expected newborn enrollees per y (range across study locations)0.35 (0.17–0.57)0.41 (0.16–1.01)0.48 (0.09–1.88)0.39 (0.14–0.71)0.99 (0.61–1.31)
  • a One PSU in EHBR had a target of 150 births because of a small population of age-eligible women.

  • b Neonates born to women who were enrolled during the active recruitment period.