National Estimates of Emergency Hospitalizations for Unsupervised Oral Prescription Medication Ingestions by Children Aged <6 Years: United States, 2007–2011

Patient and Case CharacteristicsSurveillance CasesAnnual National Estimate of HospitalizationsProportion of ED Visits Resulting in Hospitalization, %
NumberNumberPercentage(95% CI)
 <1 year1036416.8(4.9–8.6)33.7
 1 year526326634.4(30.0–38.9)27.3
 2 years582388741.0(35.6–46.3)28.4
 3 years186105311.1(8.7–13.5)23.6
 4 years804424.7(2.9–6.4)23.6
 5 years36
Number of implicated medications
  • Surveillance cases and estimates were based on data from the NEISS-CADES project, 2007–2011. Hospitalizations included inpatient admissions, transfers to another hospital, and observation admissions (time-limited assessment, treatment, and reassessment, typically lasting <24 to 48 h). The proportion of ED visits resulting in hospitalization is the ratio of hospitalizations to total ED visits for unsupervised ingestions of medications for each patient or case characteristic. Estimates that do not meet the criteria for statistical reliability are not shown.

  • a Includes cases in which >1 oral prescription medications were implicated and cases in which both an oral prescription medication and an over-the-counter or a nonoral medication were implicated.