Final Adult Height and Target Height in Boys with Self-Limited Delayed Puberty

Study (Reference)YearSubgroupNFH (SD or cm)TH (SD or cm)Difference
Bramswig et al26199037−0.7
Crowne et al27199043−1.6−0.6−1.0 SD
LaFranchi et al29199129169.5174.6−5.1 cm
von Kalckreuth et al22199114171.3173.9−2.6 cm
Albanese and Stanhope30199398−1.9−0.5−1.4 SD
Albanese and Stanhope31199578−2.0−0.5−1.5 SD
Sperlich et al321995−1−0.4−0.6 SD
Arrigo et al231996Untreated27−0.9−0.7−0.2 SD
Testosterone treated22−0.6−0.80.2 SD
Bertelloni et al241998Untreated7−0.7−0.4−0.3 SD
Testosterone treated6−0.6−0.70.1 SD
Oxandrolone treated8−0.7−0.70 SD
Rensonnet et al251999Untreated28−0.76−0.56−0.2 SD
Testosterone treated11−0.29−0.350.06 SD
Kelly et al33200364168.9170.4−1.5 cm
168.2171.1−2.9 cm
Butenandt et al342005121.91.20.7 SD
Poyrazoglu et al352005105−1.8−0.9−0.9 SD
Wehkalampi et al362007Early reduction in height18−0.65−0.02−0.63 SD
No early reduction in height220.30.250.05 SD
Cools et al37200833−0.2−0.30.1 SD
Zucchini et al382008Untreated17−1.02−1.120.1 SD
GH treated25−0.92−1.260.34 SD
Testosterone treated12−1.39−1.450.06 SD
  • FH, final height; GH, growth hormone; TH, target height; — , not available.