Clinical Characteristics of E.K.

VariableDevelopmental and Cognitive DomainsScoreYear; Month
Age5; 6
ADOS Communication6
Reciprocal social interaction9
Interests and repetitive behavior3
VABSCommunication2; 9
Motor development2; 7
ECSPSocial interaction1; 9
Joint attention1; 9
Behavioral regulation2; 4
Verbal comprehension3; 3
Verbal expression2; 9
PEP-3Verbal cognition2; 6
Verbal expression2; 9
Verbal comprehension3
Fine motor development2; 6
Gross motor development2; 8
Oculomotor imitation2
Early signs of autismSmiling and babbling quasi-normally in the first months, sleeping disorders; first few words in the first year, numerous verbal and motor stereotypes and poor and inappropriate social interaction in the second year; signs of attention-deficit in the third year
Therapies and occupations4 half-days in a primary school with the help of an adult tutor; 1 session per week of sensory-motor therapy, 2 sessions per week of speech therapy, and 2 afternoons per week in a child day-care psychiatric unit
  • ADOS, Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule; CARS, Childhood Autism Rating Scale; ECSP, Echelle de Communication Sociale Pr├ęcoce (Early Social Communication Scale); PEP-3, Psychoeducational Profile: Third Edition; VABS, Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale.