Clinical Characteristics of R.S.

VariableDevelopmental and Cognitive DomainsScoreAge (Year; month)
Chronological age16
Reciprocal social interaction8
Interests and repetitive behavior3
K-ABC II (nonverbal scale, 7–12)Story completion4;6
Block counting11
Number recall4
Conceptual thinking5
Hand movements4
First signs of autismDevelopment was about normal in the first year; some words appeared between the first and second year and declined when he was 2 years old (words disappeared first, then syllables). No gaze interaction, no pointing, very poor joint attention, inappropriate use of objects in the second year; motor stereotypes, obsessions, and rituals, with a moderate hyperactivity, in the third year
Therapies and occupationsSpeech therapy once a week; horse therapy once a week; 2 afternoons per week in a special school section for adolescents with ASD, using structured educational strategies (eg, visual planning, timer). Mother stopped working when he was 7 years old, spent enormous time with him to stimulate his competencies in all areas of development, particularly communication, autonomy, and socialization
  • ADOS, Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule; CARS, Childhood Autism Rating Scale; K-ABC II, Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, Second Edition.