The 18-Item Behavioral Scale

AttentionVerbal CommunicationNonverbal CommunicationSocial Reciprocity
1. Visual attention4. Verbal comprehension8. Comprehension of communicative gestures14. Participation and involvement in the session
2. Auditory attention5. Immediate or delayed echolalia9. Comprehension of emotional facial expressions15. Immediate answers to questions or solicitations
3. Joint attention6. Vocal imitation (sounds, words, sentences)10. Gestural imitation16. Delayed answers
7. Use of an appropriate language11. Gaze interaction17. Spontaneous initiatives
12. Production of communicative gestures (eg, pointing)18. Maintaining interaction
13. Emotional expression
  • Each item is scored from 0 to 4 (0, never happens during the session; 1, happens rarely during the session; 2, happens rather often during the session; 3, happens often during the session; 4, happens very often during the session).