Underlying Causes of Seizures Related to Vaccination, Reported at Stage 1 Follow-up (14 of 990 Children)

Type of Etiology According to ILAE 2010EtiologyType of SeizuresGenderVaccinationAge at Vaccination (mon)
Children with vaccination-related seizure onset
 GeneticSotos syndromeMultiple simple FSMaleMMR15.5
 GeneticDown syndromeAtypical seizureMaledh13.0
 GeneticDown syndromeAtypical seizureMaledh36.9
 GeneticWolf-Hirschhorn syndromeSimple FSMaleMMR14.8
 StructuralDandy-Walker cyst and congenital hydrocephalusSimple FSMaledh421.5
 Acute symptomaticAcute arterial media infarct due to thrombus in cardiomyopathyAfebrile, focal seizureFemaledh23.7
 Acute symptomaticHuman herpesvirus 6 infectionComplex FSFemaleMC14.6
 Acute symptomaticInvaginationAtypical seizure, not epilepticFemaleMC15.5
Children with seizure onset before vaccination-related seizure
 GeneticGEFS+ syndrome due to SCN1A mutationMultiple complex FSFemaleMC15.4
 StructuralPerinatal intracerebral hemorrhageEpilepsyMaledh35.3
 StructuralCongenital toxoplasmosis infectionEpilepsyFemaledh36.5
 StructuralPerinatal intracerebral hemorrhageEpilepsyMaledh36.8
 StructuralPyridoxine-dependent epilepsyEpilepsyFemaledh411.1
 StructuralPrevious strokeMultiple simple FSMaled416.3
  • dh, dtp-ipv(-)hib vaccine; FS, febrile seizure; ILAE, International League Against Epilepsy; MC, MMR and meningitis C vaccine.