Characteristics of Epilepsy and Development and Underlying Causes in Children With Vaccination-Related Epilepsy Onset, At Stage 2 Follow-up

No.GenderAge at Vaccination (mon) Reported VaccinationsSeizure ClassificationFever sensitivityElectroclinical SyndromesOutcomeEtiologyInheritanceCT/MRI scan of brainPreexistent DDDevelopmental DelayIntellectual DisabilityMalformationsaMolecular TestingFamily Historyb
Group I: Presumed preexistent encephalopathy
 1Female6.4dh3, 4GTCS SE At F+Epilepsy due to chromosomal disorderIGenetic; 1qter deletionDNAtrophic cortex+++++
 2Male5.6dh3F GTCS+Epilepsy due to neuronal migration disorderCStructural; BPNHBPNH?++++
 3Female15.2MMRF+Unclassified epilepsyIUnknownWhite matter lesions+++
Group II: epileptic encephalopathy
 4Female3.9dh2, 4GTCS F SE M A H At+Dravet syndromeIGenetic; SCN1ADNNormal++++
 5Female3.4dh1, 2, 3GTCS H F A M+Dravet syndromeIGenetic; SCN1ADNNormal++++
 6Male4.4d2GTCS H A M+Dravet syndromeIGenetic; SCN1ADNNormal+++
 7Male5.2dh3GTCS H SE F A M+Dravet syndromeIGenetic; SCN1ADNAspecific++++
 8Male4.8dh3GTCS H T SE M F A+Dravet syndromeIGenetic; SCN1ANDAspecific++++
 9Male4.9dh2GTCS H SE M F+Dravet syndromeIGenetic; SCN1ADNNormal+++
 10Female4.6dh3GTCS At F SE+Dravet syndromeCGenetic; SCN1ADNMild atrophia+++
 11Male4.4dh3, 4GTCS M At A SE+Dravet syndromeIGenetic; SCN1ADNNormal++/−+
 12Female12.1dh4GTCS H T M A+Epilepsy and mental retardation limited to female subjectsIGenetic; PCDH19DNNormal+++
 13Female2.3dh1, 2F GTCS SE+Epilepsy due to neuronal migration disorderDiedStructural; BPSMD (pathology)Atrophia, white matter lesions?+NA+
 14Female6.4dh3GTCS SE F+Unclassified epilepsyCUnknownArachnoid cyst+++
 15Female5.3dh3IS, F GTCS M A AtWest syndrome; Lennox-GastautIUnknownNormal+++
Group III: epilepsy with good outcome
 16Female13.0dh4, MMRGTCS F+Febrile seizures plusSFGenetic; SCN1APNA++
 17Female4.7dh3FUnclassified, familial epilepsySFGenetic; NDNormal++
 18Male5.5dh3GTCSBenign familial infantile epilepsySFGenetic: NDNA+
 19Female11.2dh4GTCS A SE+Febrile seizures plusCUnknownNA+
 20Male14.5mccF A+Febrile seizures plusSFUnknownNA
 21Female14.3MMRGTCS SE+Febrile seizures plusSFUnknownNormal (CT)
 22Male16.2MMRGTCS F A+Febrile seizures plusSFUnknownNormal+
  • A, absence; At, atonic; BPNH, bilateral periventricular nodular heterotopias; BPSMD, bilateral perisylvian migration disorder; C, controlled with antiepileptic drugs; CT, computed tomography; d = diphtheria, tetanus, whole-cell pertussis, inactivated polio vaccine; DD, developmental delay; DN, de novo; F, focal seizure; GTCS, generalized tonic-clonic seizure; h, Haemophilus influenzae type b; H, hemiconvulsion; I, intractable; IS, infantile spasms; ND, not determined; M, myoclonia; mc, MMR and meningococcal serogroup C; NA, not available; P, paternal; SE, status epilepticus; SF, seizure free; T, generalized tonic seizure.

  • a Congenital malformations and dysmorphic features.

  • b First- or second-degree relative with febrile seizures or epilepsy.

  • c Seizure categorized as temporally related to meningitis C vaccination because of 13-hour interval.