Mixed-Effect Models of Patient Care Time and Team/Hospital and Patient Characteristics

PredictorsOR95% Confidence IntervalP (significant if < .05)
Team/hospital model
 Magnet hospital: yes3.451.4–8.3<.05
 Free-standing children’s hospital: yes1.380.6–3.3.48
Patient characteristic model
 High patient-to-trainee ratio (>200)2.481–6.5.05
 Low patient complexity (<50% of patients with complex chronic conditions)2.571–6.4.04
Adjusted Model for Time (Night versus Day) and Day of Week (Weekend Versus Weekday)
Team/hospital model
 Magnet hospital: yes3.491.4–8.3<.05
 Free-standing children’s hospital: yes1.360.6–3.3.50
 Time: night1.290.9–1.8.15
 Week: weekdays1.250.8–1.8.25
Patient characteristic model
 High patient-to-trainee ratio2.501–6.5.06
 Low patient complexity2.501–6.4.06
 Time: night1.290.9–1.8.15
 Week: weekdays1.220.8–1.8.28