Results of the PRAQ-R for Parents at Each Time Point and ORs for Differences Between Intervention and Control Children at 1 and 2 Years for Those With Baseline Measures and at Least 1 Repeat Measure

ControlaInterventionaORb (95% CI)P
Q2. Child has happy relations with other students
 1 year24988.323891.91.96 (1.18–3.26).009
 2 years24295.323589.40.51 (0.26–1.00).049
Q3. Child has been bullied at the school
 1 year15655.515358.91.28 (0.86–1.90).23
 2 years12850.615961.21.60 (0.97–2.65).07
Q6. Child has been bothered/upset by bullying at school
 1 year15255.115360.51.09 (0.81–1.47).58
 2 years12952.415561.01.27 (0.82–1.97).29
  • Int-Con, intervention-control; Q, question.

  • a These numbers and percentages refer to those selecting the positive or option 1 of categorical coding (see Supplemental Table 6 for more information about individual items and their coding).

  • b Int-Con ORs (95% CIs) adjusted for age and sex and accounted for clustering by school. Baseline values were not included in the model because there was not enough difference for them to be included in the model (lack of convergence).