Incidence Rate, Cumulative Incidence, and Prevalence of Epilepsy

Rate95% CIRate95% CIRate 95% CI
Incidence per 100 000 person-years
 Age <1 y144122–168158124–189130102–163
 Age 1–4 y6154–686554–755747–66
 Age 5–10 y5445–625341–655542–68
 All ages7064–757365–816658–74
%95% CI%95% CI%95% CI
Cumulative incidence
 Age 1 y0.210.19–––0.24
 Age 5 y0.450.41–0.490.480.42–0.540.420.36–0.48
 Age 10 y0.660.53–0.780.690.51–0.870.630.45–0.80
Prevalence of active epilepsy, 5-y cut-offa
 Age 5 y0.450.41–0.490.480.42–0.540.420.36–0.48
 Age 10 y0.620.50–0.740.630.45–0.790.610.44–0.78
 All agesb0.470.43–0.500.480.42–0.530.460.40–0.51
Prevalence of active epilepsy, 2-y cut-offa
 Age 5 y0.400.36–0.450.430.37–0.490.370.32–0.43
 Age 10 y0.500.40–0.620.470.31–0.620.540.38–0.70
 All agesb0.390.35–0.430.390.34–0.440.390.33–0.44
  • a Active epilepsy is defined as epilepsy with seizures within the last 5 or 2 y (depending on the chosen cut-off value) and/or ongoing treatment with AEDs.

  • b Includes all children alive and residing in Norway at the end of registry follow-up on December 31, 2012.