MedDRA PTs Used to Identify Prespecified Conditions

Prespecified ConditionsMedDRA PTs
AnaphylaxisAnaphylactic shock; anaphylactic reaction; anaphylactoid reaction; anaphylactoid shock
MeningitisMeningitis; meningism; meningitis, viral; meningitis, aseptic
EncephalitisEncephalitis; encephalopathy; myelitis; encephalomyelitis; encephalitis post immunization; encephalitis, viral; encephalitis post varicella; meningoencephalitis, viral
CellulitisCellulitis, staphylococcal; cellulitis, streptococcal; cellulitis; administration site cellulitis; injection site cellulitis; injection site necrosis; vaccination site necrosis; myositis; infective myositis; muscle abscess; gas gangrene; post procedural cellulitis; application site cellulitis; cellulitis enterococcal; cellulitis, gangrenous; cellulitis, pasteurella; soft tissue debridement
VaricellaVaricella; varicella post vaccine; varicella-zoster gastritis; varicella-zoster esophagitis; varicella-zoster pneumonia; varicella immunization; varicella virus test positive; varicella zoster virus infection
HZHZ; HZ, cutaneous, disseminated; HZ, disseminated; HZ infection, neurologic; HZ meningitis; HZ meningoencephalitis; HZ meningomyelitis; HZ necrotizing retinopathy; HZ oticus; HZ pharyngitis; ophthalmic HZ
  • a Also included reports where the checkbox for “Patient died” was checked in Box 8 of the VAERS form.