ORs of Alcohol-Related MVC Deaths Among People ≤20 y Old Associated With a 10-Percentage-Point Increase in States’ APS Scores, US States, FARS, 2000–2013

OR (95% CI)
SubcategoryOveralla (n = 19 701)Drivers (n = 10 814)Passengers (n = 7113)
Unadjusted model0.93 (0.91–0.95)0.92 (0.89–0.95)0.92 (0.89–0.95)
Adjusted model (sex, age, race or ethnicity)0.92 (0.90–0.94)0.91 (0.88–0.94)0.91 (0.88–0.94)
Adjusted model (sex, age, race or ethnicity, yearb)0.92 (0.90–0.94)0.91 (0.88–0.94)0.91 (0.87–0.94)
Adjusted model (sex, age, race or ethnicity, year,b state-level covariatesc)0.91 (0.89–0.94)0.92 (0.88–0.95)0.89 (0.85–0.93)
  • Alcohol-related MVCs were defined as those in which the BAC of ≥1 driver involved was ≥0.08%. A 1-y lag was introduced between APS score and MVC fatalities (eg, states’ mortality rates from 2013 were associated with APS scores from 2012).

  • a “Overall” category includes not only drivers and passengers but also pedestrians, cyclists, and occupants of motor vehicles not in transit.

  • b Year is modeled as a categorical variable.

  • c State-level covariates included proportion male, proportion ≥21 y old, race and ethnicity proportions, college education, median household income, level of urbanization, policing rates, and vehicle miles traveled.