Instructions for Specimens Sent for PCR Testing (for Specimens Sent to the PAMF-TSL)

ShipmentSend specimens for PCR testing to this address:
Toxoplasma Serology Laboratory
Attention: PCR
PAMF Research Institute
Ames Building, 795 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Ship samples for PCR testing separately from other samples. All samples received for PCR testing will be prepared for testing and will not be suitable for return. A serum specimen for serologic testing must accompany PCR test requests for any patient not recently tested at PAMF-TSL. The minimum request for serologic testing must include Toxoplasma IgG and IgM. There is an additional charge for testing this serum.
Amniotic fluidIt is recommended that amniocentesis for toxoplasmosis PCR be performed at a minimum of 18 weeks’ gestation. A serum sample from the mother must accompany the AF unless she has been previously tested at PAMF-TSL.
 SpecimenDNA for the PCR procedure is obtained from pelleted AF.
 Volume10 mL
 ShipmentShip AF on wet ice or cold packs sufficient to maintain a temperature of 2°–8°C during shipment; frozen acceptable. Include enough dry ice to keep specimen frozen during shipment.
Cerebrospinal, vitreous, or aqueous fluid
 SpecimenA serum sample from the patient must accompany the fluid unless serum has been recently tested in at PAMF-TSL.
 Volume1 mL
 ShipmentFreeze sample immediately after collection. Ship sample on dry ice by overnight courier. Include enough dry ice to keep specimen frozen during shipment.