Product Master Formula Card

ProductAcitretin Oral Suspension2 mg/mL
Prescription:Acitretin 10 mg capsule10 mg
Ora-Plus5 mL
Ingredients and equipment required for preparation:
 (1) 1 × 10 mg Acitretin capsule
 (2) 5 mL Ora-Plus
 (3) 1-oz glass amber bottle
Directions for preparing:
 (1) Prepare this compound under the chemotherapy hood with mask and gloves.
 (2) Measure out 5 mL of Ora-Plus via graduated cylinder and add to 1-oz glass amber bottle.
 (3) Empty the contents of 1 Acitretin 10 mg capsule into the same amber bottle and mix thoroughly.
Expiration date:5 d with refrigeration