Outcomes Variables, Measures, and Descriptors for the Re-enrolled Sample (≤1800 g)

Mortality and Morbidity at 20 YearsReported by the Hospital or the family and From the National Civil Registry
General health at 20 yRelevant medical history, diagnosed illnesses (including epilepsy, cancer, mental illness, chronic respiratory disease, and malnutrition), injuries, physical growth (height-for-age, weight-for-age, weight-for-height, and head circumference); BMI, lean body mass
Productivity, academic and labor dataPreschool and school history (years attended, school grades repeated, age at dropout, maximum level attained), school achievement and performance scores in Colombian national examination, labor force participation status, wages
Sensory motor statusFine motor skills,13 including visual motor integration14
CognitionGeneral intelligence (Wechsler abbreviated scale of intelligence),15 memory (California verbal learning test),16 attention (test of attentional performance)17
Social and emotional behaviorBehavioral and emotional problems (Conners,18 ABCL19), index of parent and peer attachment,20 self-esteem (Rosenberg test),21 stress and mental state (life habits), depressive mood22,23
Family environmentHOME inventory24
Sensorial acuityVisual acuity: full optometric examination
Auditory acuity: tonal audiometry
Neurophysiology and imagingTranscranial magnetic stimulation, MRI, functional MRI with 5 paradigms, diffusion tensor imaging only in the target group (<1800 g at birth) and in the reference cohort
Metabolic profileBlood glucose, lipids profile, thyroid-stimulating hormone, insulin, carotid artery intima thickness (in a stratified subsample of participants)