Item-to-Composite Scale Correlations and Internal Consistency Reliability

CompositeItem-to-Own Composite Scale CorrelationsaItem-to-Other Composite Scale Correlationsaα
Composite 1: access to care0.69
 Delays: lack of sufficient servicesb0.850.310.11 to 0.47
 Delays: lack of informationb0.650.270.12 to 0.38
Composite 2: communication with CTMs0.80
 CTMs explained things in understandable manner0.680.370.16-0.55
 Family comfortable voicing concerns with CTMs0.560.250.16 to 0.38
 CTMs listened carefully to what family had to say0.720.380.12 to 0.55
 CTMs treated family as a full partner0.700.380.19 to 0.56
Composite 3: family impact0.72
 CTMs discussed things that cause family stress0.330.13−0.03 to 0.23
 CTMs discussed things that made it hard to care for child0.280.12−0.05 to 0.21
 CTMs took the whole family into account0.750.380.26 to 0.55
 CTMs offered other than in-person communication0.630.270.15 to 0.37
 CTMs offered peer connections0.300.130.02 to 0.23
Composite 4: care goal creation/planning0.64
 CTMs created short-term care goals0.890.130.05 to 0.19
 CTMs created long-term care goals0.840.180.09 to 0.28
Composite 5: team functioning/quality0.84
 CTMs knew about advice from other CTMs0.780.390.23 to 0.52
 CTMs assigned and explained responsibility0.710.400.31 to 0.54
 CTMs aware of tests and evaluations0.730.310.23 to 0.52
 CTMs followed through on responsibilities0.710.400.23 to 0.52
 CTMs considered “big picture”0.780.450.27 to 0.56
 CTMs had access to same medical record0.600.240.10 to 0.32
  • CTM, care team member.

  • a All correlations are significant at P < .05.

  • b This item is reverse coded so that higher values indicate better performance.