Distribution of DSM-5 Diagnosis of AUD and NIAAA 2-Question Screen Risk Assessment at Baseline

NIAAA RiskDSM-5 Diagnosis of AUDTotalP
Nondrinker3633 (100%)3 3636
Lower risk403 (98%)6 (2%)409<.01
Moderate risk566 (95%)30 (5%)596.01
High risk156 (79%)41 (21%)197<.01
  • The displayed P values are based on a logistic regression model comparing the odds of DSM-V diagnosis between those of a given NIAAA risk assessment versus those with the next lowest risk assessment. The Wald test that all of the coefficients associated with NIAAA risk assessment in a logistic regression model of the odds of DSM-V diagnosis yields a P value <.01. The Cochran-Armitage test for trend yields a P value <0.01.