Descriptive Statistics of Study Population, US Children Aged 4 to 17 Years, 2012 NHIS

Variable% or Mean ± SDN
Outcome variable
 Received influenza vaccination, previous 12 mo42.724246
 Did not receive influenza vaccination, previous 12 mo57.285633
Independent variables
 Ever used any AMS CAM subtype for health reasons3.80359
 Ever used any BBT CAM subtype for health reasons (excluding multivitamins or multiminerals)7.55718
 Ever taken multivitamins or multiminerals for health reasons62.336122
 Ever used any MBBT CAM subtype for health reasons7.32686
 Ever used any MBT CAM subtype for health reasons5.29532
 Age, y10.52 ± 4.0310 218
  Non-Hispanic white53.694559
  Non-Hispanic black or African American13.401570
  Non-Hispanic Asian4.39586
  Non-Hispanic other or multiple race5.05557
  Any Hispanic23.472946
 Child has a usual source of care they go to when sick
 Had a well-child checkup, previous 12 mo
 Child born in the United States
 Total no. of physician office visits, previous 12 mo
 Child has ≥1 serious chronic condition/limitationa
 Ever been told child has asthma
 Insurance type
  Any private53.955131
  Only public39.034208
  No coverage7.03829
 Highest family education
  Less than high school10.561161
  Completed high school or GED18.882107
  Associate’s degree or some college (no degree)34.443587
  Bachelor’s degree or higher36.133354
 Family income as a percentage of the federal poverty level
  100% to 199%22.902238
 Language of interview
  English only90.348873
  • Percentages weighted to be nationally representative. N unweighted to show actual observations (may not add up to total N total due to missing values). GED, General Educational Development test.

  • a Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, autism or autism spectrum disorder, type 1 diabetes mellitus, arthritis, congenital heart disease, or other heart condition.