Prevalence of Ever Using CAM, US Children Aged 4 to 17 Years, 2012 NHIS

CAM Categories and SubtypesPrevalence (%)N
AMS for health reasons
 Traditional healer (includes Curandero or Parchero; Native-American health or medicine man; medicine shaman; Sobrador; Yerbero or Hierbista; or Huesero)0.3251
 Any AMS subtypea3.80359
BBT for health reasons
 Chelation therapy0.107
 Herbal or other nonvitamin supplement6.38615
 Vegetarian (including vegan) diet for ≥2 wk1.43126
 Macrobiotic diet for ≥2 wk0.0811
 Atkins diet for ≥2 wk0.034
 Pritikin diet for ≥2 wk0.012
 Ornish diet for ≥2 wk0.053
 Multivitamins or multimineralsa62.336122
 Any BBT subtype (excluding multivitamins or multiminerals)a7.55718
 Any BBT subtype63.496221
MBBT for health reasons
 Chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation5.49503
 Craniosacral therapy0.3228
 Feldenkrais Method0.106
 Trager psychophysical integration0.043
 Alexander technique0.065
 Any MBBT subtypea7.32686
MBT for health reasons
 Tai Chi0.4246
 Energy healing therapy0.2630
 Meditation, guided imagery, or progressive relaxation (includes progressive relaxation, guided imagery, mantra meditation, spiritual meditation, and mindfulness meditation)1.38137
 Any MBT subtypea5.29532
Summary measures
 Ever used any type of CAM (excluding multivitamins or multiminerals)17.061648
 Ever used any type of CAM65.896445
  • Percentages weighted to be nationally representative. N unweighted to show actual number of observations in each cell (may not add up to total N total due to missing values).

  • a Used as independent variables in this study.