Bivariate Correlates of Influenza Vaccination, US Children Aged 4 to 17 Years, 2012 NHIS

Categorical VariablesUnvaccinatedVaccinatedP
N% or Mean ± SEN% or Mean ± SE
Ever used any AMS CAM subtype for health reasons.008
Ever used any BBT CAM subtype for health reasons (excluding multivitamins or multiminerals).150
Ever taken multivitamins or multiminerals for health reasons<.001
Ever used any MBBT CAM subtype for health reasons.002
Ever used any MBT CAM subtype for health reasons.957
Age, y563310.99 ± 0.07142469.84 ± 0.080<.001
 Non-Hispanic white266060.16174839.84
 Non-Hispanic black or African American86857.8663542.14
 Non-Hispanic Asian27846.6829253.32
 Non-Hispanic Other or multiple race26049.2627350.74
 Any Hispanic156754.08129845.92
Child has a usual source of care they go to when sick<.001
Had a well-child checkup, previous 12 mo<.001
Child born in the United States.485
No. of physician visits, previous 12 mo<.001
Child has ≥1 serious chronic condition/limitationa.038
Ever been told child has asthma<.001
Insurance type<.001
 Any private286758.46209141.54
 Only public215752.54191847.46
 No coverage58074.2322325.77
Highest family education<.001
 Less than high school57151.3654448.64
 High school or GED116657.6885942.32
 Associate’s degree, or some college (no degree)208661.06138738.94
 Bachelor’s degree or higher180455.18145344.82
Family incomes, % of federal poverty level.672
Language of interview.165
 English only491957.47365142.53
  • Percentages and means weighted to be nationally representative; SEs adjusted for complex survey design. GED, General Educational Development test.

  • a Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, autism or autism spectrum disorder, type 1 diabetes mellitus, arthritis, congenital heart disease, or other heart condition.