Effects of Percentage of Medicaid-Insured and Uninsured Children Served by FQHCs on ED Visit Rates by Children Ages 0 to 18, 2008 to 2013

Quartile, Percentage of Children Seen at FQHCsMedicaidUninsured
  • Results of negative binomial model with robust SEs showing effects of percentage of Medicaid-insured and uninsured patients on ED visit rates by county among children ages 0 to 18 without insurance or insured through Medicaid. Estimates adjusted for year and county as fixed effects as well as time-varying county-level covariates including percentage of population living in poverty, median household income, unemployment rate, primary care doctors per population, short-term hospital beds per population, percentage of the population with a college degree, health professional shortage area status, percentage of population who are African American, and percentage who are Hispanic. IRR = incidence rate ratio.

  • a Overall P value for heterogeneity across 4 quartiles.