Dosing Error by Dosing Tool Type and Randomization Group (n = 2058)

Dosing Error (>20% Deviation)Large Dosing Error (>2 Times the Dose)
% Trials With Errors/ParentaPbaORc95% CIP% Trials With Large Errors/ParentaPbaORc95% CIP
GroupLabel UnitTool Unit
Unit of measurement pairing on label versus dosing tool
 2mL and tspmL and tsp22.80.90.7––1.4.9
 3mL and teaspoonmL and tsp22.90.90.7––1.6.7
 4mLmL and tsp25.41.00.8––1.7.4
 5teaspoonmL and tsp29.61.21.01––1.9.08
Dosing tool type
 Syringe (0.2-mL increment, 10-mL capacity)––1.3.9
 Syringe (0.5-mL increment, 10-mL capacity)16.21.0RefRef1.81.0RefRef
  • Ref, referent.

  • a Percentage of trials with errors per parent.

  • b Type 3 χ2 from full model.

  • c Full model adjusting for randomization group, tool type, dose amount, dosing order, language, and health literacy.