Regression Analyses of Neighborhood Danger and Family Relationship Quality Predicting Asthma-Relevant Immunologic Outcomes

PMA-Ionomycin Th1 Cytokines, βPMA-Ionomycin Th2 Cytokines, βPMA-Ionomycin and Cortisol Th1 Cytokines, βPMA-Ionomycin and Cortisol Th2 Cytokines, β
Step 1
 Asthma severity−.034−.005−.053−.004
 β-Agonist −.005−.006−.015−.010
Step 2
 Neighborhood danger.139*.158*.128.163*
 Family relationship quality−.012−.056−.060−.016
Step 3
 Neighborhood danger × family relationship.042−.036.027−.056
  • PMA-ionomycin is the incubation of PBMCs with 25 ng/mL of phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate + 1 μg/mL of ionomycin. ICS, inhaled corticosteroid.

  • * P < .05.