High-Risk Eating and Activity Behaviors and Clinical Findings of Concern

High-risk eating and activity behaviors
 • Severe dietary restriction (<500 kcal/d)
 • Skipping of meals to lose weight
 • Prolonged periods of starvation
 • Self-induced vomiting
 • Use of diet pills, laxatives, or diuretics
 • Compulsive and excessive exercise
 • Social isolation, irritability, profound fear of gaining weight, body image distortion
Clinical findings of concern
 • Rapid weight loss
 • Falling off percentiles for weight and BMI
 • Amenorrhea in girls
 • Presence of vital sign instability
  o Bradycardia (heart rate <50 beats/minute during the day)
  o Hypotension (<90/45 mm Hg)
  o Hypothermia (body temperature <96°F [<35.6°C])
  o Orthostasis (increase in pulse >20 beats/min) or decrease in blood pressure (>20 mm Hg systolic or >10 mm Hg diastolic) on standing