Multivariate Analysis of Odds of Potentially Preventable Readmissions

VariablesAOR95% CIP
Index admission and readmission causally related (yes versus no)2.61.02–6.75.045
Hospital contributing factors (yes versus no)16.35.94–44.81<.001
Patient contributing factors (yes versus no)7.12.45–20.48<.001
Sex (male versus female)2.81.18–6.71.02
 <1 vs 5–8 yearsa8.21.96–34.61.004
 1–4 vs 5–8 years2.10.513–8.57.303
 9–12 vs 5–8 years4.81.03–21.98.045
 13–17 vs 5–8 years5.81.34–24.84.019
English (yes versus no)1.010.29–3.5.991
CCI count (≥1 vs 0)0.680.219–2.08.493
  • a The age reference of 5–8 years old was used to produce all age odds ratios >1.