Mean (SE) and Group Differences: Developmental Outcomes by Gestational Age Groups

Late Preterm (34–36 wk)Early Term (37–38 wk)Term (39–41 wk)FP
BSF-R (9 mo) T score47.31a (0.53)49.12b (0.44)50.09c (0.32)13.97<.0001
BSF-R (24 mo) T score46.10a (1.01)45.59a (0.86)45.81a (0.80)0.41.66
Preschool reading (Θ score)−0.52a (0.03)−0.46a,b (0.03)−0.42b (0.02)9.44.0002
Preschool math (Θ score)−0.54a (0.04)−0.45a,b (0.02)−0.41b (0.02)7.07.0014
Kindergarten reading (Θ score)0.40a (0.04)0.51b (0.03)0.54b (0.03)6.33.0027
Kindergarten math (Θ score)0.30a (0.06)0.31a (0.07)0.32a (0.07)0.22.81
  • All analyses adjusted for maternal age, maternal race or ethnicity, socioeconomic status at 9 mo, parenting, infant gender, birth weight, and receipt of early intervention services. Analyses at preschool and kindergarten also included age at assessment and month of school. Superscripts a, b, and c that differ from one another denote significant differences (P < .05) between late preterm, early term, and term infants at each timepoint.