Anthropometric Parameters and Laboratory Values at Presentation With Hypophosphatemia

Reference RangeCase 1Case 2
Age, mo96
Weight, percentile32nd2nd
Length, percentile11th<1st
Head circumference, percentile19th<1st
Triceps skin fold thickness4 mm (<5 percentile)5 mm (<5 percentile)
Laboratory values: bone metabolism
 Albumin corrected calcium, mg/dL8.0–
 Serum phosphorus, mg/dL2.8–
 Serum magnesium, mg/dL1.7–
 Alkaline phosphatase, U/L110–345714379
 Parathyroid hormone, pg/mL6–899416
 25 OH-D, ng/mL20–601213
 1,25 OH-D, mg/dL27–711855
 TRP, %>903833
 TmP/GFR, mg/dL3.6–5.40.570.63
Laboratory values: liver function
 Total bilirubin, mg/dL0.1–
 Direct bilirubin, mg/dL0.0–
 γ-glutamyl transferase, U/L2–191341201
 Alanine aminotransferase, U/L12–4961173
 Aspartate aminotransferase, U/L16–62118366
  • INR, international normalized ratio; PELD, Pediatric End-Stage Liver Disease Score; TmP/GFR, tubular maximum phosphate reabsorption per glomerular filtration rate, calculated as TRP × phosphorus when TRP ≤86%.