Demographic and Hospitalization Characteristics of Participants at Children’s Hospitals and Community Hospitals

Patient CharacteristicsChildren’s Hospitals (n = 624)Community Hospitals (n = 303)P
nMedian [Interquartile Range] or %nMedian [Interquartile Range] or %
Age, y6245 [1, 12]3035 [1, 11].43
Sex, malea3495616054.63
Primary payera
Race or ethnicityb
 Asian or Pacific Islander325127.31
Medical complexityc
 No chronic disease13421
 Noncomplex chronic diseases14022
 Complex chronic disease35056
Characteristics of hospitalization
 Intensive care during hospitalizationd12119
 LOS in dayse6243 [2, 6]2992 [1, 2]<.001
 7-d readmissione37662.01
 30-d readmissione8914103<.001
 7-d return visit to EDf205124.65
 30-d return visit to EDf205248.07
  • a Sex and insurance status missing for 8 community hospital cases.

  • b Race and ethnicity missing for 7 children’s hospital cases and 137 community hospital cases.

  • c Pediatric medical complexity data missing for community hospitals.

  • d Data missing for community hospitals because they did not have PICUs.

  • e LOS and readmission data missing for 4 community hospital cases.

  • f ED return visits missing for 1 children’s hospital (200 cases) and 4 community hospital cases.