Depressive Symptoms and Examples in Adolescents54

Signs and Symptoms of Major Depressive DisorderSigns of Depression Frequently Seen in Youth
Depressed mood most of the dayIrritable or cranky mood; preoccupation with song lyrics that suggest life is meaningless
Decreased interest/enjoyment in once-favorite activitiesLoss of interest in sports, video games, and activities with friends
Significant wt loss/gainFailure to gain wt as normally expected; anorexia or bulimia; frequent complaints of physical illness (eg, headache, stomach ache)
Insomnia or hypersomniaExcessive late-night TV; refusal to wake for school in the morning
Psychomotor agitation/retardationTalk of running away from home or efforts to do so
Fatigue or loss of energyPersistent boredom
Low self-esteem; feelings of guiltOppositional and/or negative behavior
Decreased ability to concentrate; indecisivePoor performance in school; frequent absences
Recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal ideation or behaviorRecurrent suicidal ideation or behavior (threats of suicide, writing about death; giving away favorite toys or belongings)