List and Frame Creation Process for Prenatal Care Providers

Compilation of prenatal care provider list
 Initial list of prenatal care providers1000+∼60145
 Refined list of prenatal care providers3603676
 In-county providers serving county residents2863345
 Out-of-county providers serving county residents74330
PFQ administration
 Providers that completed PFQ and remained eligible (PFQ completion rate, %)NA31 (91)58 (85)
 Providers determined to be ineligible from PFQ responsesNA28
 Providers that refused/were nonresponsive to PFQNA410
 Total number of births in frame67 09513 46810 579
 2011 National Natality number of births65 98010 0868772
 Ratio of Frame to Natality counts1.031.331.21
  • NA, not applicable.