EHBR SC Characteristics

Study Location CharacteristicsCOE FTEIncentive for EPSCSupplemental RecruitmentEnumeration MethodSlow Versus Fast EPSCSubcontractor
Urban (HI)3YesYesSEQ1NA
Urban (CA)3YesYesSEQ1NA
Urban (MO)1NoYesSIM1Batelle
Urban (OH)*1NoNoSEQ1Batelle
Rural (AZ)1NoYesSEQ1Batelle
Rural (NM)2YesYesSEQ1NA
Rural (WA)2NoNoSEQ1NA
Rural (FL)3YesYesSEQ1Batelle
FTE staff for COE and provider outreachA gift $5 or less to incentivize enumerationRecruited at health care provider offices or other eventsEnumeration began in all sampling neighborhoods SIM or SEQ1 = EPSC completed in >9 moEPSC subcontractor use; If no subcontractor used
NA is designated
1 = <2% FTE2 = EPSC completed in <7 mo
2 = 2%–2.99% FTE
3 = >3%
  • FTE, full-time equivalent; NA, not available; SIM, simultaneously; SEQ, sequentially.