Reasons for EI Enrollment by Fertility Status: Massachusetts Singleton Births, July 1, 2004 to December 31, 2008

Distribution of Reasons for EI Enrollmenta,b
Enrolled, n120696050 40352 569
Established conditions, %15.314.511.211.3<.0001
 CNS disorder1.
 Circulatory disorder1.
 Congenital torticollis5.<.0001
 Sensory disorder2.
Established delays, %85.386.783.583.6<.01
 Fine motor59.060.559.559.5.75
 Gross motor21.812.317.317.3<.0001
 Expressive language32.725.222.522.7<.0001
 Receptive language26.526.035.034.6<.0001
 Social emotional12.07.510.110.1<.01
At-risk conditions, %38.634.449.348.8<.0001
 Birth weight <1200 g3.<.01
 Gestational age <32 weeks7.<.0001
 NICU admission >5 days16.311.29.69.8<.0001
 Hospital stay >25 days in 6 months7.<.0001
 Diagnosis of IGUR or SGA3.
 Small size (weight, age, height criteria)<.0001
 Chronic feeding difficulties11.<.01
 Suspected CNS abnormality4.
 Parental chronic illness/disability7.67.414.714.4<.0001
Clinical judgement, %
  • CNS, central nervous system; IGUR, intrauterine growth restriction; SGA, small for gestational age.

  • a Percentages sum to >100 because children may be enrolled in EI program for >1 reason.

  • b Not all reasons are presented; only risk factors occurring most frequently within each category are presented.