Comparison of Present Sample With Previous Reports of Population-Normed Internalizing Scores for children with GID24

Current Sample (n = 73)Toronto (n = 343)Utrecht (n = 123)
Mean age7.7 y7.2 y8.1 y
Measure of internalizingPROMIScCBCLCBCL
Mean internalizing t score52.260.864.1
  • Both the PROMIS and CBCL are normed such that the population mean is t = 50 and SD is 10. CBCL, Child Behavior Checklist; PROMIS, Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System.

  • a The current participants were transgender, socially transitioned, and prepubescent.

  • b Participants in both the Toronto and Utrecht samples either met criteria for GID or showed subthreshold symptoms of GID.

  • c To compute an internalizing score for the PROMIS, depression and anxiety scores were averaged.