Maternal and Infant Characteristics by Fertility Status: Massachusetts Singleton Births, July 1, 2004, to December 31, 2008

Distribution of Study Sample at Birth, %
ART (n = 6447)Subfertile (n = 5515)Fertile (n = 306 343)
Maternal characteristics
  <30 years7.811.948.4
  30 to <35 years30.933.730.4
  35 to <40 years40.239.817.6
  40 to <45 years18.113.73.5
  ≥45 years3.00.90.1
  White non-Hispanic86.185.167.4
  Black non-Hispanic3.03.08.4
  Asian/Pacific Islander6.76.37.5
  Other non-Hispanic1.11.22.4
 Marital status
  Not married3.95.533.7
  Less or no HS/GED9.411.937.7
  Some college/associate degree16.518.021.6
 Delivery payer source
 Cigarettes during pregnancy
 Prenatal care
  Adequate plus48.747.637.4
 Complications of labor delivery and risk factors
Infant characteristics
 Gender a
 Abnormal conditions of newborn
  • N = 318 305 singleton births. HS/GED, high school/general educational development.

  • a P = .69 for ART versus Fertile and 0.33 for Subfertile versus Fertile.