Association Between Frequency of NMUPD and Sexual Risk Factors For STI and HIV Infection, US High School Students, Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 2011 to 2013

CharacteristicEver Had Sexual IntercourseHad ≥4 Lifetime Sexual PartnersCurrently Sexually ActiveaDid Not Use Condom at Last IntercoursebUsed Alcohol or Drugs Before Last Sexual Intercourseb
n (%)caPRd95% CIn (%)caPRd95% CIn (%)caPRd95% CIn (%)caPRd95% CIn (%)caPRd95% CI
How often took prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription
 Never9282 (39.9)Referent2554 (10.1)Referent6410 (27.2)Referent2288 (35.8)Referent921 (14.0)Referent
 1–2 times1202 (66.0)1.101.04–1.16422 (23.4)1.271.14–1.41909 (51.4)1.211.14–1.28381 (42.4)1.080.96–1.21248 (26.7)1.201.03–1.40
 3–19 times1584 (78.9)1.191.11–1.28729 (36.3)1.501.35–1.671266 (63.3)1.301.20–1.41568 (46.5)1.131.00–1.27477 (37.2)1.331.15–1.53
 ≥20 times984 (88.4)1.331.23–1.44602 (53.4)1.801.60–2.03801 (72.1)1.321.20–1.46452 (57.0)1.301.16–1.47423 (51.2)1.551.31–1.83
  • For all categories, P for trend <.0001.

  • a Had sexual intercourse with ≥1 person during the 3 mo before the survey.

  • b Among students who were currently sexually active.

  • c Sample n is unweighted; percentage is weighted.

  • d Adjusted for sex, race/ethnicity, grade level, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, inhalants, ecstasy, and IDU.