Descriptive Comparison Between Subgroups of Patients Prescribed a Teratogen (N = 4172 Encounters, Unless Otherwise Stated)

Contraceptive provision among whites vs non-whites31.9% whites, 19.9% non whites58.43<.001
Contraceptive provision among older (≥16 y) vs younger (14–15 y)30.9% older, 25.7% younger13.42<.001
Contraceptive provision among Medicaid or no insurance vs commercial insurance N = 4159, 13 missing)30.1% non-commercial, 27.6% commercial3.2.037
Contraceptive provision with presence of federal risk mitigation system53.7% REMS, 25.7% non-REMS148.4<.001
Menstrual history with federal risk mitigation system14.2% non-REMS, 6.9% REMS17.4<.001
Sexual history with federal risk mitigation system19.7% non-REMS, 11.1% REMS18.7<.001
Sexual history among younger (14–15 y) vs older (≥16 y)21.9% younger, 16.4% older20.3<.001