Terms Used in Automated Key Term Search

Contraceptive CounselContraceptive ReferralSexual HistoryMenstrual History
contraceptionrefer for contraceptionsexmenarche
contraceptiverefer for birth controlvaginalmenses
condomfollow up for contraceptionsexually activelast menstrual period
birth controlfollow up for birth controlsexual activityLMP
abstinencerefer to OBGYNintercourse
barrier protectionfollow up with OBGYNcoitus
LARCrefer for Depo-Proveracoitarche
Plan Brefer for contraceptivesame sex
emergency contraceptionfollow up for contraceptivehomosexual
emergency contraceptiverefer for discussion of birth control
OCPrefer for Depo-Provera
Implantrefer for OCP
NuvaRingrefer for IUD
Nexplanonrefer for NuvaRing
Implanonrefer for Nexplanon
Mirenarefer for Implanon
IUDrefer for Implant
Depo Proverafollow up for discussion of birth control
follow up for Depo-Provera
follow up for OCP
follow up for IUD
follow up for NuvaRing
follow up for Nexplanon
follow up for Implanon
follow up for Implant
  • IUD, intrauterine device; LMP, last menstrual period; OCP, oral contraceptive pills.