Association Between Lifetime Substance Use Compositea and Selected Sexual Risk Factors for STI and HIV Infection, US High School Students, Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 2011 to 2013

CharacteristicEver Had Sexual IntercourseHad ≥4 Lifetime Sexual PartnersCurrently Sexually ActivebDid Not Use Condom at Last IntercoursecUsed Alcohol or Drugs Before Last Sexual Intercoursec
n (%)daPRe95% CIn (%)daPRe95% CIn (%)daPRe95% CIn (%)daPRe95% CIn (%)daPRe95% CI
Lifetime substance use
 No substances1185 (15.2)0.220.20–0.25241 (2.7)0.110.09–0.13723 (9.4)0.200.17–0.23222(31.3)0.700.60–0.810
 1 substance, no NMUPD2805 (37.4)0.510.47–0.55553 (6.9)0.260.22–0.321845 (24.3)0.470.43–0.52613 (33.0)0.710.62–0.82115 (6.7)0.250.19–0.35
 2 substances, no NMUPD3867 (68.0)0.870.83–0.931242 (20.2)0.660.57–0.762827 (49.1)0.900.81–0.991034 (36.4)0.780.69–0.89563 (19.9)0.720.59–0.89
 ≥3 substances, no NMUPD840 (75.7)Referent322 (28.3)Referent605 (53.0)Referent274 (48.0)Referent180 (28.6)Referent
 ≥3 substances, plus NMUPD1814 (87.8)1.141.08–1.211005 (49.6)1.611.41–1.841491 (73.0)1.321.21–1.44758 (52.5)1.060.93–1.21726 (48.4)1.571.28–1.92
  • a Composite includes lifetime use of alcohol, marijuana, ≥1 more illicit drugs (can include cocaine, inhalants, heroin, methamphetamines, or ecstasy), and ever took prescription drugs without a doctor's prescription.

  • b Had sexual intercourse with ≥1 person during the 3 mo before the survey.

  • c Among students who were currently sexually active.

  • d Sample n is unweighted; percentage is weighted.

  • e Adjusted for sex, race/ethnicity, grade, and IDU.