Multilevel Model Results: Predictors of ITSEA Mean Scores at 14 to 24 Months

VariableUnstandardized Coefficients95% CIP
 Main effects modela
  VIP0.0800.006 to 0.154.03
  BB0.020−0.064 to 0.104.64
  Age0.0160.011 to 0.021<.001
 Interaction modelb
  VIP × age−0.007−0.018 to 0.005.28
  BB × age0.0150.001 to 0.028.04
 Main effects modela
  VIP0.074−0.010 to 0.158.08
  BB0.052−0.043 to 0.147.28
  Age0.0090.003 to 0.014.01
 Interaction modelb
  VIP × age0.0130.001 to 0.025.048
  BB × age−0.005−0.019 to 0.010.55
Separation distress
 Main effects modela
  VIP−0.104−0.202 to –0.006.04
  BB0.015−0.096 to 0.126.79
  Age−0.003−0.010 to 0.003.35
 Interaction modelb
  VIP × age−0.008−0.023 to 0.007.29
  BB × age−0.012−0.030 to 0.005.17
  • a Adjusts for child gender, first-born status, family socioeconomic status, maternal language, Latina ethnicity, immigration status, marital status, literacy/education, and psychosocial risk. Coefficients for VIP and BB represent the difference in mean item scores for each group compared with the control across the 14- to 24-month period.

  • b Includes all predictors from the main effects model in addition to listed interaction terms. Coefficients represent differences in slope between 14 and 24 months for VIP/BB compared with the control.