Reasons for Exclusion at Full-Text Review

ReasonNumber of ArticlesArticle Details
Did not include data6Commentaries, policy, or position statements2631
Not about ABM, other marketing12Briefly referred to ABM in the context of broader aspects of alcohol marketing,3234 including specific forms such as point-of-sale,35,36 sponsorship,37 outdoor advertising,38 broadcast media,39,40 video-sharing sites,41 music,42 and provision of free alcohol43
Not about alcohol3Other products or substances than alcohol4446
Not about ownership2Assessed preferences for, or exposure to, rather than ownership of ABM37,47,48
Not about ABM, brand-related3Brand choice,49 brand/advertising awareness,50 or using brand information to assess consumption51
Not about ABM, susceptibility4Other predictors of susceptibility to drinking52,53 or the development of programs to reduce susceptibility54,55
Not about ABM, industry1About industry trends56