HRs for AOM by Presence of Virus and/or Bacteria in the Nasopharynx (n = 83)

Presence of Virus and/or Bacterian%HR (95% CI)HR (95% CI)HR (95% CI)
No virus or bacteria1417ref
Any virus69831.50 (0.99–2.22)
M catarrhalisa50601.00 (0.62–1.60)
S pneumoniaea2935165.0 (45.0–601)
H influenzaea23281.48 (0.99–2.22)
No RVb or M catarrhalis1721ref
No RV, M catarrhalis212518.10 (5.50–59.6)ref
RV, no M catarrhalis161930.00 (10.0–90.0)1.66 (0.73–3.79)ref
RV and M catarrhalis293525.40 (9.30–69.5)1.40 (0.71–2.77)0.85 (0.50–1.42)
No RSVb or M catarrhalis3137ref
No RSV, M catarrhalis425118.10 (5.50–59.60)ref
RSV, no M catarrhalis2256.20 (22.1–142.6)3.10 (1.18–4.9)ref
RSV and M catarrhalis81012.70 (4.35–37.13)0.70 (0.29–1.73)0.23 (0.11–0.48)
  • CI, confidence interval

  • a With or without other bacteria.

  • b With or without other viruses.