Results of Bivariate Multinomial Logistic Regression Modeling of National Survey Data Regarding Factors That Impact Odds of Supporting Age Limits for Football Tackling

Favor Minimum Age for Tackling: YesFavor Minimum Age for Tackling: Maybe
OR95% CIOR95% CI
Female respondent1.91a1.30–2.811.96a1.26–3.04
Age quartile, y
Race and/or ethnicity
 Non-Hispanic whiteReferenceReference
 Non-Hispanic African American1.050.56–1.971.020.49–2.09
 Non-Hispanic, 2+ races0.710.30–1.710.400.12–1.28
Geographic region
 Less than high schoolReferenceReference
 High school0.850.45–1.621.520.76–3.02
 Some college1.430.85–2.401.310.73–2.36
 Bachelor’s degree or higher1.610.97–2.650.970.54–1.75
Presence of child age 5 y or younger1.300.84–2.030.980.59–1.64
Presence of child age 6–12 y1.370.93–2.001.75b1.12–2.71
Presence of child age 13–17 y0.850.58––1.80
Interest in professional football
 Not at allReferenceReference
 A little bit 0.850.46–1.560.670.34–1.34
 Fairly 0.710.38–1.340.580.29–1.18
How many youth out of 100 do you believe would sustain a concussion in 1 season of high school football?
  • —, not applicable.

  • a P < .01.

  • b P < .05.