Multivariate Analysis of Correlates of Psychiatric ED Visits Across Youth Sex

Female SexMale Sex
OR95% CI
YearReference0.970.91 to 1.05
Age group, y
 12–17Reference0.29*0.18 to 0.49
 18–24Reference0.38*0.54 to 0.60
 MidwestReference0.950.74 to 1.21
 SouthReference0.67*0.51 to 0.87
 WestReference1.200.92 to 1.80
Race and/or ethnicity
 White, non-HispanicReferenceReferenceReference
 African American, non-HispanicReference1.260.99 to 1.61
 HispanicReference1.140.83 to 1.58
 OtherReference1.090.58 to 2.05
 PublicReference0.810.62 to 1.06
 Self-payReference1.170.78 to 1.78
 OtherReference1.530.99 to 2.40
Visit on a weekend
 YesReference0.940.77 to 1.67
Arrival time
 Morning (<11 am)ReferenceReferenceReference
 Afternoon (11 am–4 pm)Reference0.890.67 to 1.19
 Evening (5 pm–12 am)Reference1.090.84 to 1.42
 YesReference1.250.97 to 1.61
 Length of visitReference1.000.99 to 1.00
Arrive by ambulance
 YesReference0.990.79 to 1.22
Mental health provider seen
 YesReference0.890.70 to 1.13
Admit to hospital
 Yes or transfer to another hospitalReference1.541.08 to 2.20
 Transfer or admit to a psychiatric facilityReference0.900.65 to 1.25
Psychiatric diagnosis or RFV
 MoodReference0.600.48 to 75
 BehaviorReference1.280.91 to 1.78
 SUDsReference1.41*1.13 to 1.75
 PsychosisReference1.70*1.11 to 2.61
 Suicide attempt or intentional self-injuryReference0.750.52 to 1.06
 OtherReference1.020.79 to 1.33
Count of diagnoses and/or RFVsReference1.030.89 to 1.20
Primary diagnosis is psychiatric
 YesReference1.140.91 to 1.43