Studies That Reported on ADHD Data in Children With IUGR

StudiesNo. ParticipantsYear of BirthBirth Weight (SD),gGestational Age (SD), wkAge at Evaluation, yType of TestThe Ratio of ADHD
Indredavik et al,27 2004SGA 601986–19882921(211)39.514ADHD Rating scales IV2/60
AGA 833691(459)39.61/83
Morsing et al,23 2011SGA 681998–200464231.5(5.4)5–8Brown’s ADD scales13/68
AGA 34101530.3(6.6)2/34
Klaric et al,28 2012SGA 502002–2004NA406NEPSY0
AGA 50403/50
Tains et al,24 2012SGA 282000–200188829.78.6Dutch ADHD Q6/28
AGA 27116329.42/27
  • ADD, attention-deficit disorder; Dutch ADHD Q, Dutch ADHD questionnaire; NA, indicates data were not reported or not extractable; NEPSY, Developmental Neuropsychological Assessment.