Multivariate Model: Adjusted Odds Ratios for the Relationship Between Significant Risk Factors and Lifetime Participation in the CG

VariableOdds Ratio (95% CI)P
Tobacco experimentation1.36 (0.89–2.05).140
Current tobacco use0.99 (0.54–1.76).989
Marijuana experimentation1.14 (0.48–2.47).739
Current marijuana use1.78 (0.71–4.68).222
Conduct disordera2.33 (1.43–3.72)<.001
Depressionb2.18 (1.38–3.36)<.001
  • Data were adjusted for sex, age, grade repetition, and geographic location. McFadden’s pseudo R2 for this multivariate model: 0.32.

  • a Participants with the highest 10% of conduct disorder symptoms.

  • b Participants with the highest 10% of depressive symptoms.