Nonreimbursed Care Coordination Activities Performed by Staff: Number of Activities and Estimate of Cumulative Time Spent in Such Activities

Months of observation2586107.19133
Time (h per child-mo)25864.86.12.3081.4
Activities (per child-mo)258620.522.6131163
By discipline
 Time (h per child-mo)
  MD or NP16182.63.71.1035.0
  Social work18651.42.30.5026.0
 Activities (No. per child-mo)
  MD or NP16187.69.14178
  Social work18656.18.041107
By target
 Time (h per child-mo)
 Activities (No. per child-mo)
By mode
 Time (h per child-mo)
  Video calls870.
  Formal team reviewb21312.94.11.4069.4
  Chart review16051.01.20.609.4
 Activities (No. per child-mo)
  Video calls871.41.1116
  Formal team reviewb213112.213.37197
  Chart review16053.53.92133
  • a Total child-mo of observation.

  • b Formal team review: weekly structured face-to-face meetings among members of the interdisciplinary team to discuss needs of new enrollees and address acute or emergent concerns regarding established patients in the program. This mode excludes informal or “curbside” consultations regarding a given patient.