Estimated Direct Personnel Costs of Nonreimbursed Care Coordination Activities, Assuming 25th Percentile, Median, and 75th Percentile Hourly Wages (US Dollars per Child-Months)

Unadjusted estimated cost
 25th percentile wage2586150.70213.4668.4419.05–207.57
 50th percentile wage2586184.50236.0082.1523.02–253.54
 75th percentile wage2586217.79307.4598.2428.02–300.15
Adjustedb estimated cost
 25th percentile wage2544150.8653.42145.03111.33–187.52
 50th percentile wage2544184.7065.75177.55135.94–229.91
 75th percentile wage2544217.9977.03209.73160.89–270.90
  • a Total child-months of observation.

  • b Adjusted for family income, child age, child sex, and time since enrollment in the program, via generalized linear model with γ distribution and log link.